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As the first international school in Beijing, ISB has had a tradition of excellence since 1980. With a non-profit model, a research-based approach to education, and world-class facilities on our beautiful campus, we ensure our students can achieve and discover their passions. ISB students are socially and emotionally healthy, experience challenging and joyful learning every day, and are destined for success once they graduate, wherever in the world they choose to pursue it.

Challenging & Joyful Learning

This is our core priority. We are focused on quality academic programming especially literacy plus science, technology, engineering, and math (STEAM), ensuring appropriate challenge for ALL learners so that every student is achieving their potential in core courses. Our innovative recruitment also ensures great teachers continue to choose ISB.

Purpose and Compassion

We use ISB’s resources to empower students to purpose and compassion. School is about so much more than academics! We ensure our students have integrity, strength of character, and that they are healthy socially and emotionally. To that end, we want each student to find at least one academic area and one co-curricular pursuit they are passionate about and in which they can excel. Our students get to sample real-world professional experience and have chance to provide service to others and create a positive social impact.


Our inclusive international community is full of strong, lifelong peer relationships across national, linguistic, and cultural lines. Our social-emotional learning program is strongly focused on relationships, and our co-curricular teams and performance groups coach peer collaboration. ISB is also developing the greatest alumni network in Asia

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Meet our community

The ISB community stretches way beyond those families currently enrolled in the school. With more than 40 years’ worth of graduates, ISB’s alumni network is large and vibrant. Wherever they are in the world, members benefit professionally and socially, and alumni give back to their alma mater by offering mentoring, career, and internship opportunities to current students. As we say, once a Dragon, always a Dragon!

Leila Akahloun

Leila Akahloun - 1995

"ISB provided me with a solid academic foundation and eye-opening international experiences through my participation at THIMUN and BEIMUN events. I was able to handle my undergraduate and graduate classes with relative ease thanks to the rigor of the IB curriculum at ISB, which then positioned me well to pursue a career in international development."

Fred Chang

Fred Chang from ISB

"Being at ISB has allowed me to develop my skills in learning new technologies and comfortably incorporating them in my work flow. Combine that with all the different nationalities and cultural backgrounds in the classroom, it became very clear to me I was in a very special place and well-positioned for the global economy."

Ethan Houston

Ethan Houston - 2018

"I did the first half of the IB Programme and then I decided to do something different. It doesn't work for everyone and they let you design your studies more yourself."

Eric Livdahl

Eric Livdahl - 2007

"ISB prepped me most for my current career by creating constant opportunities to interact with new people and places through APAC and China Studies trips, and forcing me to work and make friends with an ever-changing international group from a wide variety of cultural, economic and linguistic backgrounds."

Christopher Nobre

Christopher Nobre - 2011

"Flat out the best college prep I could have ever imagined. While my new friends and classmates were struggling through the first few weeks and months of engineering at a top university, I felt right at home with the rigor of the IB Programme. I'm also thankful for the CAS program that pushed me to explore new things and encouraged me to live a more balanced lifestyle."

Camille Cheng

Camille Cheng - 2011

When Beijing hosted the 2008 Olympics, then 15-year-old ISB student Camille Cheng ('11) tried to see every swimming session from the bleachers of the Water Cube. Eight years later, she made her own mark at the Rio Olympics representing Hong Kong in the 200-meter freestyle and 400-meter medley. She shared her experience of competing at the pinnacle of her sport.


ISB Life

ISB students and community members paddle a dragon boat

It’s China’s lunar Year of the Dragon and we are the ISB Dragons. What better timing for a special trip to experience one of the country’s most important festivals?

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