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ISB strives to be a community where thinkers and leaders find their place in the world. Our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) aligns with our goals to develop global citizens empowered with purpose and compassion. We invite and welcome new students, families, and employees to apply and join us in living up to our Mission, Vision, and DEI Commitment statements.

DEI Commitment Statement

ISB is committed to being a diverse, equitable, and inclusive school whereby all individuals belong and are seen, valued, and heard. In line with our strategic focus areas, we build strong peer relationships by fostering a safe and inclusive school community. Diversity is our strength, and we are enriched through our differences. We stand for equitable treatment regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, religion, color, cultural background, identity, orientation, expression, age, level of ability, or status. We build a community empowered to address racism and inequities. 

Our Goals

At ISB, we are intentional about building a community that does more than minimize harm. We are intentional about creating a community where the unique gifts, perspectives, experiences, and ideas have opportunities to shine and enhance our shared learning. Our strategic action areas include, but are not limited to the following:  

  • Growing a highly qualified diverse staff and faculty. If you are interested in joining ISB, please visit our Employment page.

  • Enhancing our intercultural skills to be global community members to connect across cultures and our similarities and differences.  

  • Establishing professional development opportunities for all our stakeholders to establish a culture of belonging and inclusion.  

  • Examining our school practices, policies, and mindsets to create a school environment where all members of our community feel affirmed, safe, and treated fairly.  

We commit to purposeful action and recognize that our Commitment Statement and DEI work
will evolve and continuously improve as our community learns and grows together.  

Anti-Bias Anti-Racism (ABAR) Committee

The Anti-Bias Anti-Racism Committee (ABAR) is comprised of employees, who represent roles and divisions across ISB.  It's core purpose is as follows: 

We take action to confront bias and address racism at ISB through building literacy for racial and social justice. We prioritize adaptive change with a commitment to promote equity, to acknowledge and reduce harm, and affirm the diverse identities represented at ISB. We employ allyship and are focused on systemic change to reduce and address bias and racism. 

Anti-Bias Anti-Racism (ABAR) Leaders

Paola Alonso
photo of Paola Alonso

Support Staff Representative

Angela Maez
photo of Angela Maez

Schoolwide Representative

Kathlyn Paananen
photo of Kathlyn Paananen

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Leader

ABAR Committee Members

Veronika Chan
photo of Veronia Chan

Elementary School Representative

Coco Liu
photo of Coco Liu

Elementary School Representative

Lisa Gibson
photo of Lisa Gibson

Middle School Representative

Sue Su
photo of Sue Su

Middle School Representative

Julie Lemley
photo of Julie Lemley

High School Representative

Kevin McEvoy
photo of Kevin McEvoy

High School Representative

Shirly Bazen
photo of Shirly Bazen

Support Staff Representative

Jenny Whitaker
photo of Jenny Whitaker

Schoolwide Representative

Contact us

If you would like to find out more about our work in ISB or have a question/feedback, please feel free to contact us at abar@isb.cn