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ISB Strategic Plan

Through a tailored, connected, real-world program, the International School of Beijing provides students with exceptional opportunities to grow as individuals and as contributing members of the global community of the 21st century.

ISB recognizes that our students need to be prepared for the challenges of the future. After years of research and collaborative design, ISB has proactively identified key strategic directions to educate our students for college and for life as citizens of the world. ISB believes that a balanced and innovative approach to learning will work in conjunction with existing programs to add value by broadening ISB's definition of success for all our students.

Through a community-wide, collaborative process, the ISB community developed the Strategic Plan, a roadmap for the future of the school that consolidates our efforts and resources into three main focus areas that will form the basis for our work over the next few years. ISB's Strategic Focus Areas are as follows:

  1. Our core: challenging and joyful learning. We will keep focusing on quality academic programming especially literacy plus science, technology, engineering, and math (STEAM), ensuring appropriate challenge for ALL learners so that every student is achieving their potential in core courses. We will also further strengthen the pipeline of great teachers coming to ISB.
  2. Use ISB’s resources to empower students to purpose and compassion. School is about so much more than academics! We want to keep ensuring our students have integrity, strength of character, and that they are healthy socially and emotionally. To that end, we want each student to find at least one academic area and one co-curricular pursuit they are passionate about and in which they can excel. Our policy over the next few years will be based on making sure students can sample real-world professional experience and have chance to provide service to others and create a positive social impact.
  3. Strong, lifelong peer relationships across national, linguistic, and cultural lines in our inclusive community. Our social-emotional learning program will continue to focus on relationships, and our co-curricular teams and performance groups on coaching peer collaboration. ISB is also developing the greatest alumni network in Asia.

As an international school based in China, ISB is uniquely positioned to engage students in meaningful global and local experiences. Success in the 21st century will focus on maximizing the uniqueness and individual skills one has gained in a lifetime of learning. 

image of the 3 strategic focus areas for ISB