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How to apply

We accept applications throughout the year and offer places to students where available and in accordance with our admissions policies. We recommend that students start school with their peers in August or at the start of the second semester in January. However, we understand that families move throughout the academic year and do our utmost to make these transitions as smooth as possible. Please review our School Age Placement Guide to understand the grade for which your child will be considered.

We appreciate that moving to a new school can be daunting, which is why our admissions team is on hand to guide families through the process. We have created checklists for each school division to help simplify the application process at ISB. To begin the process, review the four-step overview and the checklist for the appropriate school division; then complete the online application form.

Five-step Overview

Create an account and submit the ISB Online Application Form which can be found by clicking our "Apply Now" button.
Complete, upload, and submit all ISB required application documents. The list of grade-specific required documents and their downloads can be found below as well as on the pages within our "Apply Now" button.
Request Confidential School Recommendation Form(s) by providing the Teacher’s name, school, and email address in the “Questionnaire Recipient” form of the application platform. Please mention to the student's educators to look out for these form(s) in their email.
Speak to your dedicated Admissions Officer to arrange an English Language Proficiency Test (for all non-native English speakers)
*Step 6 must be completed before the Language Proficiency Test takes place.
Arrange a time with your Admissions Officer for a Family Introduction Meeting either on campus or virtually through Microsoft Teams.
Submit payment of application fee. Once the Step 2 online application is received, you will receive an invoice for payment. This non-refundable fee is 2,000 RMB and applies for the academic year of application only.