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Welcome to the ISB Middle School

Welcome to ISB's amazing Middle School where students are encouraged to explore, stretch their knowledge and skills, and develop great relationships with peers and adults. ISB Middle School students will be challenged to grow in exciting ways. We recognize that the early adolescent years are critical for the "whole child" development. Our team of teachers and counselors seek to help every student grow academically, improve physical health, and develop a social-emotional awareness that will serve them well into adulthood. We are helping our students become leaders who understand how fulfilling a life of service can be. We push our students to be creative and innovative, and we help them learn from both success and failure as they explore the world inside and outside of ISB.

One of the surest signs of a healthy middle school is laughter. Middle school students thrive on fun, and we do our best to fill each year with fantastic experiences, healthy humor, and opportunities for our students to enjoy social times with their peers. Watch our announcements for details on amazing trips, assemblies, enrichments, and other activities throughout the year.

On behalf of the entire Middle School faculty, I want to say that it is our privilege and pleasure to partner with you for the benefit of your children. Thank you for being a part of ISB Middle School!


Anne Sweet
ISB Middle School Principal

Middle School Handbook



photo of ISB middle school office staff september 2021

Betty Wang, Kara Haines, Shasha Huang, Hai Ning Deng
Lyndsey Cox, Anne Sweet, Ruth Poulsen, Ivy Yang



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