Community is a feeling as much as it is people or places. A strong, vibrant community is built on strong partnerships. At ISB, we value the partnership between school and home because it is vital to ensuring the best for each student.

ISB Library Media Centers

Our library fosters a community of learning and literacy that leads to high academic achievement, independent reading and learning, and collaboration throughout the school.

ISB Learns – Parent Education Series

Our Parent Education series of talks and events has been developed to keep current parents informed on the choices made and programs delivered at ISB, so you can stay up to date with how our curriculum evolves as children progress through the school. During these times, you will learn from a variety of experts from both inside and outside of the school. There will also be the opportunity for discussion and questions.

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Wellness at ISB

ISB values the health and welfare of the whole community. Students, teachers, staff, and parents are encouraged to lead balanced lives through the ISB Wellness program which is grounded in a holistic philosophy, interconnecting seven strands of well-being. The program is a volunteer-driven collective of ISB community members dedicated to keeping everyone involved at the school healthy, supported, growing, and curious.

As part of this commitment to the community, we opened our Fitness and Tennis Center (FTC) in 2013. The FTC comprises two purpose-built sports domes that cover an area of more than 8,500 m2, providing ample space for a wide variety of activities. The FTC/Domes make year-round physical education and sports opportunities a reality for all ISB students.

Elementary students are assured of spacious and well-outfitted areas for play during recess times, every single day of the school year. The domes contain a five-a-side soccer pitch, a 400m running track, a large multipurpose activities area, and six full-sized tennis courts. At one end, the domes open into a two-story fitness center with purpose-built dance studios and a split-level gym. The domes are equipped with air-filtration and heat-recovery systems to control the ambient temperature and ensure clean air for athletes, making sports such as soccer, tennis, and athletics possible throughout the year.

During the school day, the domes are used by physical education teachers of all levels for a range of classes, as well as by coaches and team members. In the Elementary School, many teachers use the multipurpose area, the indoor soccer pitch, and indoor track. Middle School and High School students participating in their fitness units make use of the new fitness room. Our tennis and badminton courts provide ample practice area for tennis classes and for the school's competitive teams.

On weekends or after school hours in the absence of student activities, the FTC is available for recreational use by all students, staff, and parents in the ISB community.

The FTC complements ISB's other sports venues, including four fully equipped gymnasiums (one with a climbing wall), baseball and softball diamonds, two full-sized turf soccer practice fields, and an aquatics center with a 25m pool and diving boards.

Community Partnerships

ISB benefits from the support and expertise of a number of local businesses and organizations. Our partners offer a variety of enhancements to the student, parent, and staff experience at ISB, including after-school activities; weekend sports; school trips; experiential learning opportunities; equipment; and specialized training. 

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