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Community is a feeling as much as it is people or places. This is not only somewhere to enroll your children for a world-class education; we provide a warm and caring place for students, parents, staff, alumni, and our wider stakeholders. When international families join ISB, they have a home away from home and access to a network of likeminded people invested in challenging and joyful learning.

A strong, vibrant community is built on strong relationships. At ISB, we value the partnership between school and home because it is so important in ensuring that we’re providing the best possible experience for each student and their family.

The ISB community is united through Dragon Spirit. This is the term we use to describe what it means to be a member of this group of people, the values and resilience of character that define us. It means honoring differences, learning joyfully together, empowering each other with purpose and compassion, and fostering a sense of belonging in the community that transcends the walls of our school. Dragon Spirit encapsulates the values upon which our school was built over 40 years ago.

Balance at ISB

ISB values the health and welfare of the whole community. Students, teachers, staff, and parents are encouraged to lead balanced lives through the ISB Wellness program, which is grounded in a holistic philosophy, bringing together different aspects of well-being. The program is a volunteer-driven collective of ISB community members dedicated to keeping everyone involved at the school healthy, supported, growing, and curious. 

We opened our Fitness and Tennis Center (FTC) at ISB in 2013 as part of our commitment to the community. The FTC comprises two purpose-built sports domes that cover an area of more than 8,500 m2, providing ample space for a wide variety of activities. The FTC makes year-round physical education and sports opportunities a reality for all ISB students. 

On weekends or after school hours in the absence of student activities, the FTC is available for recreational use by all students, staff, and parents in the ISB community. The FTC is a great example of how ISB’s facilities support community interaction and provide resources to be enjoyed by all involved with the school. You can find out more on our world-class facilities here

ISB Libraries

Our libraries foster a community of learning and literacy that supports high academic achievement, independent reading and learning, and collaboration throughout the school. These are treasure troves of books and media resources to be enjoyed by the whole family, with parents also able to browse the shelves and check out titles. We want families and groups of people to enjoy reading together. Various groups at ISB organize regular book clubs for this purpose. 

Parents as Partners

Parents are welcomed onto campus and encouraged to be a part of their child’s education and feel part of the learning. As part of our home - school partnership, parents are invited to watch our student athletes compete against other schools, volunteer with our Parent Teacher Association, join book clubs, attend coffee mornings, benefit from parent classes, and attend the various parent workshops we offer to provide insight to the learning at ISB.

Dragon 101

Our Dragon 101 video series helps parents and the larger ISB community better understand and navigate daily life at ISB. It is our aim through these videos to address common questions, thereby enhancing the experience of ISB community members.

The first Dragon 101 episode is on the Dragon Account, and the second explains the ISB Calendar. You can find these videos and future videos on this page.

If you have a suggestion for a future video, please email

ISB Learns - Parent Education Series

Our Parent Education series of talks and events has been developed to keep current ISB parents informed on the choices made and programs delivered at ISB, so you can stay up to date with how our curriculum evolves as children progress through school. During these times, you will learn from a variety of experts from both inside and outside of the school. There are plenty of opportunities for discussion and questions.

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ISB Dragon Connect

Dragon Connect, ISB's very own WeChat mini program, provides easier access to PowerSchool, our data portal for enrolled families. It allows families to access PowerSchool through WeChat and more easily make updates when required.

Information on how to follow can be found here in English, Chinese, or Korean to start using the service.

QR code to follow ISB Dragon Connect mini program

Community Partnerships

We believe in strong relationships and mutually beneficial partnerships. While we have world-class facilities and a huge amount of expertise among our faculty and staff, ISB benefits from the support and know-how of numerous local businesses and organizations. Our partners offer a variety of enhancements to the student, parent, and staff experience at ISB, including after-school activities; weekend sports; school trips; experiential learning opportunities; equipment; and specialized training.  

Our sports partners offering after-school activities for our students, as well as individualized training for parents and staff, include: 

  • Tennis - RTG
  • BASKETBALL - Skywalkers 
  • SOCCER - ClubFootball 
  • BADMINTON - Zongyu 

Our Experiential and Service Learning Office and our Advancement Office also have a focus on building partnerships with outside organizations and individuals. These partnerships benefit our students and also our wider community. 

The partnerships developed through our Experiential and Service Learning Office help with our mission to provide opportunities for students to experience real-world learning. Companies and organizations we are proud to work with in this area include:  

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