historical picture of students at isb in the 1950s
Celebrating 40

The First Decade 

historical picture of students at isb in the 1960s
Celebrating 40

The Second Decade

historical picture of students at isb in the 1970s
Celebrating 40

The Third Decade

two students adding a few items to a time capsule at the school
Celebrating 40

The Fourth Decade 

Celebrating 40 News

Celebrating 40 News

Empowered with Purpose and Compassion

The International School of Beijing is proud to be celebrating 40 years of commitment to challenging and joyful learning and education services dedicated to this city’s inspiring international community. ISB was the first international school in Beijing and today is recognized as a leading learning community. In its earliest stages, ISB was made up of eight students and two certified teachers in the hallway of a diplomatic apartment compound. In 1980, amid the growth of other diplomatic communities, the U.S. Embassy joined with the British, Australian, Canadian, and New Zealand embassies and formally founded ISB. Throughout the 2020-2021 school year, a series of events will be organized to celebrate and reflect on our four decades of world-class education, highlighting the achievements of our students, staff, and alumni.

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Celebrating 40 news

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ISB History Timeline

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