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Why work at ISB?

Do you know what to consider when looking for your next teaching role in Beijing? Learn more about what to look for in a school as a teacher and why ISB could be the right fit for you.

Here are 6 reasons to choose to work at ISB:

1. An established school with a long history of excellence

2. A competitive salary and benefits package

3. A vibrant life outside of the classroom

4. Professional development

5. An open and welcoming community

6. Wellness



An established school with a vibrant history of academic achievement

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Dedicated professional development opportunities for faculty

A competitive compensation


360+ faculty and support staff, representing +25 nationalities

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Located in Beijing, one of the world's most important cities

An emphasis on overall wellbeing of our entire school community

ISB Employee Testimonials

Desiree Brown-Quilty - HS Math Teacher
Kiki Davenport - HS Theatre Teacher

"Empowerment, change, and prosperity – that is the energy I feel when I walk through the halls of ISB."

Preben Gietz - Assistant Director of Student Activities
Angel Jin - Community Relations and Marketing Specialist

“Dragon Spirit at ISB means respecting everyone’s diverse backgrounds and supporting each other every day.”

Liu Lijn - ISB Security Guard
Na Li - Control Desk Coordinator

“At ISB, there is a shared vision and mission, and everyone does their part.”

Erin Fazekas - ES Classroom Teacher
Christine Bodt - ES Teacher

"Dragons are curious, compassionate, energetic, and eager to learn and grow."

Tania Buyuklieva - Administrative Assistant to the Head of School
Christian Polizzi - Head of Schoolwide Literacy

"Learning is joyful, visible to students, and we celebrate each and every success, no matter the size!"

Matt Iles - Network Systems Manager
Matt Iles - Network Systems Manager

"It's a delight to walk the corridors here. If you love what you do, you will love it even more at ISB!"

Things to consider when looking for your teaching job in Beijing

Beijing is a land of opportunity, a fast-paced cosmopolis bursting at the seams with energy, excitement, and history. For over 40 years, the International School of Beijing (ISB) has been a leader in international education, and has provided over 10,000 students with a world-class holistic education. As industry leaders, we seek faculty and staff who embody our core values and help us deliver our promise to our students and their families.

While there are many practical things to consider when looking for a teaching role  in Beijing, it’s important to ensure the choice you make is the right one for your family and your career goals. But how will you know if a school is the right fit for you? Do you know what to look for in a school as a teacher? Do you know what to consider when looking for a new role in Beijing? Is ISB the right school for you? 

ISB is Yours to Call Home. Discover the benefits of teaching at ISB below.



1. An established school with a long history of excellence

ISB’s 40+ year history is just one of the many reasons why ISB is the best choice for teachers in China. As the first international school in Beijing, ISB has grown from eight students and two teachers to over 1700 students and +400 faculty and staff. Our reputation in the region as one of the top international schools has been reflected by the incredible accomplishments of our students and employees alike, a tradition that we are honoured to continue. 

Empowered with purpose and compassion, our curriculum is guided by a holistic methodology, providing students and educators with a learning environment perfectly suited for teaching, learning, and growing. 

ISB’s accreditations and memberships are evident of our commitment to improvement, as these provide us with goals and metrics to measure our progress and growth as an academic institution. Accreditations and memberships are just one of the things to consider, as it is indicative of a continued effort towards growth and development.

CIS Accredited School
The Duke of Edinburgh Logo
logo for Association of International Educators and Leaders of Color



2. A competitive salary and benefits package

Wanting to hire and retain world-class professionals, we recognize the importance of providing a good working environment and salary and benefits package for our faculty and support staff. The work environment at ISB is grounded in mutual respect, transparency, trust, and the opportunity for professional development.

We believe in investing in our people, both our students and our educators. We are committed to providing a salary and benefits package that is competitive with strong savings potential and responsive to the needs of people in our organization.

Download the table to understand the benefits available to both full-time faculty and staff.

Faculty Salary & Benefits summary



3. A vibrant life outside of the classroom

Beijing is the city of the future. Whether you are looking to live in the hustle and bustle of Beijing’s downtown core, or are looking for the quiet and comfort of a suburban compound, the area around ISB hosts the lifestyle you are looking for. 

For many faculty and staff at ISB, there are many reasons why Beijing is the best choice for expats with children. From historic sites bursting with history, to modern shopping centers and food hubs, Beijing and the surrounding area boast top travel destinations, whatever your weekend plans. 

 Discover why Beijing is great for teaching families.
Download now!




4. Professional development

We are a community of learners and we support the ongoing learning and professional development of our faculty and staff through a professional development allowance. This allowance can be used on any of the following:

  • Language lessons
  • Professional learning materials and memberships
  • Gym memberships 
  • Online memberships 
  • Cooking classes 
  • Massages 
  • Books and journal subscriptions, and much more.

We also host a series of visiting experts throughout the school year who offer training not only to our faculty and staff but also to our parent community.



5. An open and welcoming community

Our mission states, we are an inspiring international community in Beijing, where thinkers and leaders find their place in the world and serve others. So that our learning is at its best, we build strong relationships and set high expectations together. We are committed to challenging and joyful learning with the freedom to explore.

At ISB, we believe it’s important our educators are a reflection of our student body, which is why we seek faculty and staff from all over the world, and from all walks of life. If you would like to find out more about our diversity, equity and inclusion work, please visit this page

Each member of our community has their own reasons for choosing ISB, and you can hear from a handful of them for yourself here



6. Wellness

image of the ISB Wellness wheel


The International School of Beijing's Employee Wellness Program is grounded in a holistic philosophy, interconnecting seven strands of well-being and is dedicated to keeping our community and its members balanced, healthy, supported, growing, and curious. 

ISB Wellco is the employee advisory and advocacy group established to maintain a vibrant wellness program inclusive of everyone at ISB. We also understand that our employees work hard and require a good balance between work and life outside of school. While we provide employees with the opportunity to grow, we encourage them to find balance in their lives through our Employee Wellness program.



Are you ready to start your teaching journey at ISB? Visit our Current Vacancies page to learn more about available positions.

Current Vacancies

A message from our Head of School

ISB is a dynamic workplace where students come first and where teachers and support staff are highly valued for the gifts and talents they bring to these young learners. The school offers many opportunities for professional growth, both on campus and with access to workshops and conferences across the globe.

Our faculty and support staff (totaling more than 360) represent numerous nationalities, including many from Australia, Canada, China, France, India, the Philippines, the U.K., and the U.S.

At ISB, you will be part of a great team of professionals providing a learning culture which enhances the students’ academic abilities through serving their social-emotional needs and physical health. We have an unwavering commitment to safeguarding children, providing a safe place to learn and play, surrounded by a team of adults who want only the best for each child. Working at ISB is rewarding (in both a professional and financial sense) and because we are all working towards a common goal – to make ISB the best international school in the world.

We have fabulous facilities and we work hard to further improve them. Beijing is undergoing an economic, cultural, and artistic renaissance.

Only by living in arguably the world’s most important city and serving in this remarkable school will you fully understand and appreciate the gifts that Beijing and China can give.

The principles of trust, empathy, and professionalism allow everyone to thrive in their own way at ISB. We also make time to have fun, something not to be underestimated – the wellness of our teachers and support staff is of the utmost importance. Please contact us to learn more about how joining the ISB team is likely to be the best professional decision you will make.

Daniel Rubenstein
Head of School

Employee screening & child protection policy

For assurance of a safe learning environment for our students, ISB recruiters and our Human Resources Office conduct thorough reference and background checks on candidates before making a job offer. Applicants must provide at least three references. At least TWO of these must be a former or current supervisor, both of whom ISB must be able to contact either face to face or through a phone call.

All employees are required to provide clear background/criminal checks. New hires must provide a recent background check from both their home country and current work location, if they are currently overseas. The school reserves the right to request criminal record checks from other countries in which the candidate has lived or worked for more than six months.

All ISB personnel, including subs, interns, coaches, and ASA providers, must undergo child protection awareness training including periodical updates and information sessions. Each employee signs, under separate cover, the ISB Code of Conduct outlining standards and expectations of the school’s Child Protection Policy and procedures for reporting and following up on suspected abuse.

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