Why Join ISB? 

Given the Coronavirus pandemic and the current border and visa restrictions, our preference is to find candidates who are currently working/living in Mainland China.

ISB is a dynamic workplace where students come first and where teachers and support staff are highly valued for the gifts and talents they bring to these young learners. The school offers many opportunities for professional growth, both on campus and with access to workshops and conferences across the globe.

Our faculty and support staff (totaling more than 360) represent numerous nationalities, including many from Australia, Canada, China, France, India, the Philippines, the U.K., and the U.S.

At ISB, you will be part of a great team of professionals providing a learning culture which enhances the students’ academic abilities through serving their social-emotional needs and physical health. We have an unwavering commitment to safeguarding children, providing a safe place to learn and play, surrounded by a team of adults who want only the best for each child. Working at ISB is rewarding (in both a professional and financial sense) and because we are all working towards a common goal – to make ISB the best international school in the world.

We have fabulous facilities and we work hard to further improve them. Beijing is undergoing an economic, cultural, and artistic renaissance.

Only by living in arguably the world’s most important city and serving in this remarkable school will you fully understand and appreciate the gifts that Beijing and China can give.

The principles of trust, empathy, and professionalism allow everyone to thrive in their own way at ISB. We also make time to have fun, something not to be underestimated – the wellness of our teachers and support staff is of the utmost importance. Please contact us to learn more about how joining the ISB team is likely to be the best professional decision you will make.

Daniel Rubenstein
Head of School

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I have been impressed with ISB's commitment to child safeguarding and to child protection training and advice. This approach to making the school environment increasingly safe and secure is a very important one, and a robust and vigilant school community in a safeguarding sense is being fostered at ISB. Chris Gould, Detective Chief Superintendent (ret'd), Independent Child Protection Consultant.

Salary and Benefits

We recognize that two of the most important factors that impact hiring and retaining world-class professionals are the work environment and the salary and benefits package. The work environment at ISB is grounded in mutual respect, transparency, trust, and the opportunity for professional development.

We believe in investing in our people, both our students and our educators. We are committed to providing a salary and benefits package that is competitive with strong savings potential and responsive to the needs of people in our organization.

The table below illustrates the benefits available to both full-time faculty and staff.

Professional Development

We are a community of learners and we support the ongoing learning of our faculty and staff through a professional development allowance. We also host a series of visiting experts throughout the school year who offer training not only to our faculty and staff but also to our parent community.

For information on some of the visiting experts that ISB hosts throughout the year, please our ISB Learns – Parent Education page.


The International School of Beijing's Employee Wellness Program is grounded in a holistic philosophy, interconnecting seven strands of well-being and is dedicated to keeping our community and its members balanced, healthy, supported, growing, and curious.

ISB Wellco is the employee advisory and advocacy group established to maintain a vibrant wellness program inclusive of everyone at ISB. 

ISB WellCo Wheel
Desiree Brown-Quilty - HS Math Teacher
Desiree Brown-Quilty - HS Teacher

What attracted you to join ISB? 

"I wanted a job that challenged me and I found it at ISB. This is a school for teachers who can adapt easily and have a growth mindset. If you are looking for challenge and continuous learning, then ISB is the place for you. As I look back on my first year, I have learned so much."

Victoria Zhang - Elementary School Dual Language Classroom Teacher
Victoria Zhang - ES Dual Language Teacher

How did you find ISB’s new staff orientation process?

“As this is my first time teaching abroad, I was not sure what to prepare or expect. The school had thought of everything.”

Preben Gietz - Assistant Director of Student Activities
Preben Gietz - Student Activities

How did you find ISB’s new staff orientation process?

“All the important things were covered, and it was definitely a smooth transition to the school. I've sat though orientations where there was lots of information but not all so targeted. When we split up into divisions, I was really able to get familiar with the office and figure out the job.”

Liu Lijn - ISB Security Guard
Liu Lijn - ISB Security Guard

How has working in a center for learning helped you in your career?

“At ISB, I have been learning English in free classes provided by students. Learning something new will always pay off for my career, so I’m trying to take advantage of this opportunity. As a contractor, I’m fortunate to have been sent by my company to work in such a nice environment.”

Erin Fazekas - ES Classroom Teacher
Erin Fazekas - ES Teacher

Why is ISB the place for passionate teachers? 

"What I was looking for in an international school was a place where teachers had spark and energy, and where they really wanted to be there and do the most they could for students. At ISB, that's extremely evident."

Kathryn & Lloyd Handy - ES Instructional Coach & MS EAL Teacher
Kathryn & Lloyd Handy - ES Teacher & MS Teacher

"We came to Beijing as a younger couple looking forward to living in a city with a more interesting nightlife and lots to do. In Beijing, there's barely a dull weekend, so it's been great. Having the excitement of a city balanced with a high-quality, progressive school makes it a really appealing place to be."

Tania Buyuklieva - Administrative Assistant to the Head of School
Tania Buyuklieva - Administrative Assistant

"I love working here. I like my job and I love the people that I work with every day, some of whom I have worked with for over 10 years."

Matt Iles - Network Systems Manager
Matt Iles - Network Systems Manager

"It's a delight to walk the corridors here. If you love what you do, you will love it even more at ISB!"

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For assurance of a safe learning environment for our students, ISB recruiters and our Human Resources Office conduct thorough reference and background checks on candidates before making a job offer. Applicants must provide at least three references. At least TWO of these must be a former or current supervisor, both of whom ISB must be able to contact either face to face or through a phone call.

All employees are required to provide clear background/criminal checks. New hires must provide a recent background check from both their home country and current work location, if they are currently overseas. The school reserves the right to request criminal record checks from other countries in which the candidate has lived or worked for more than six months.

All ISB personnel, including subs, interns, coaches, and ASA providers, must undergo child protection awareness training including periodical updates and information sessions. Each employee signs, under separate cover, the ISB Code of Conduct outlining standards and expectations of the school’s Child Protection Policy and procedures for reporting and following up on suspected abuse.