Our Covid-19 Response

Since February 2020, ISB has developed a number of learning models for our community in response to the ever-changing Covid-19 situation. Below you will find a summary of our models and also links to parent resources to support you in your current situation.

diagram showing different learning models
* percentages are estimated and will be dependent on the epidemic control situation at the time.
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On-Campus Learning

This is our 'business as usual' model and the one we enjoy the most! We love seeing our students everyday and we know this is the best situation to optimize learning. 

When our campus access guidance allows us to invite parents on-campus, we run our ISB Learns: Parent Education Series face-to-face. If there are campus access restrictions in place, we try to run as many virtual sessions as possible.


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Dragons Online

During times of normal campus access and On-Campus Learning, we still have members of our community who may not be able to access campus either due to travel restrictions or home quarantine situations. These students are placed into our Dragons Online academy (DO).

Our Off-Campus Learning Opportunities page provides resources for students and parents during their time of restricted campus access.

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Online Learning

During times of full campus closure, we move to our Online Learning model of instruction.

Our ISB Learns: Parent Education Online provides parents with lots of resources and information to help them navigate home learning.

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Important Reminders

Covid-19 Updates

Please continue to monitor our Covid-19 Important Updates and Survey page.

Covid-19 Updates & Surveys

To keep up to date with the latest ISB Campus Access Guidance, check out the ISB Weekly.

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