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Philosophy Statement

The Counseling Department believes in every student and aims to treat each student with dignity and respect while recognizing their individual worth. We believe that all students contribute to the greater school community through their varied social, cultural, and academic backgrounds and experiences. Students are on a developmental journey while in our care, and we strive to support and guide them as they grow socially, emotionally, and academically through ethical and informed practices.

As a EY-12 Counseling program, we value:
  • developmentally appropriate and student-centered counseling practices.
  • care for self, others, and the community.
  • safe, supportive, non-judgmental, and confidential spaces for students
  • recognition of individual strengths.
  • building partnerships with parents, teachers, administrators, and the larger community.
  • supporting students to recognize their own needs and to be advocates.
We believe that students learn best when they:
  • feel safe, supported, nurtured, and loved.
  • see counselors as trusted adults and mentors.
  • develop skills and mindsets that allow them to take ownership of their social-emotional and academic learning.
  • feel comfortable taking risks.
  • attend a school that promotes balance.
  • have trusted adults who advocate for students' needs.
  • feel connected to adults, each other, and their community.