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English Language Arts

Philosophy Statement

The English Language Arts department recognizes that meaning and thought is constructed in language. Through the enjoyment and analysis of a diverse range of texts, students are empowered to use language to express themselves, develop strong relationships, and contribute to the world.

As an English Language Arts program, we value:  
  • the joyful, inspiring, and challenging study of diverse texts – including digital and multimodal texts – within their particular historical, social, and cultural contexts.
  • the self-knowledge and global understanding that a deep engagement in the study of these texts brings.
  • the role of student choice in the learning process.  
  • purposeful, authentic spoken and written communication.
  • empowering students to become critical consumers and producers of texts and media.
  • creating lifelong readers and writers.
We believe that students learn English Language Arts best when they:
  • are taught literacy skills across the curriculum.
  • have access to rich and diverse texts which grow them as readers.
  • are encouraged to access their full linguistic and cultural repertoire, experiences, and interests as they make sense of texts.
  • have choice in the texts they interact with and create.
  • can learn in a supportive and collaborative environment.
  • have access to literacy instruction and assessment that is based on shared standards.
  • receive explicit, individualized instruction and opportunities for practice along with timely and targeted feedback.



When developing our English Language Arts curriculum, the standards are based on The Common Core Standards.

Grade Level Map

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