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Health & Physical Education

Philosophy Statement

The Health and Physical Education program at ISB develops and supports the whole child. Through individual and collaborative activities, students learn skills in a variety of contexts designed to promote the pursuit of social, emotional, and physical well-being. Real world and authentic learning occur in a fun, safe, challenging, and inclusive environment.

As a Health and Physical Education program, we value:
  • engaging activities that incorporate student choice and encourage active participation for all students.
  • teaching the whole child, designing experiences that appeal to a variety of learning styles, and allowing opportunities for self reflection.
  • a balanced curriculum that promotes movement competency, active and healthy living.
  • a balanced, healthy, and active lifestyle.
  • teamwork, collaboration, and fair play.
We believe that students learn Health and Physical Education best when they:
  • feel confident to take risks and try new activities.
  • are supported with positive feedback on their efforts and progress.
  • are exposed to a variety of physical and health activities.
  • understand how and why their learning can be applied outside of the classroom.



When developing our Health & Physical Education curriculum, our standards are based on those developed by the Ontario Ministry of Education, Canada.

Grade Level Map

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