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Philosophy Statement

The ISB Science program ignites curiosity, fosters enthusiasm and nurtures lifelong learning by providing challenging and joyful learning experiences. Students are given the opportunity to build and develop their own understandings of scientific concepts, practices and core ideas through continuous exposure, empowerment and connection to the world around them.

As a Science program, we value:
  • making science accessible for all learners
  • collaboration, inquiry, integrity, innovation and creativity 
  • continued development of scientific skills and practices
  • allowing students to think, work and communicate like a scientist
  • making science accessible for all learners
  • in-depth understanding of conceptual ideas
  • engagement in challenging and joyful learning experiences geared toward discovery and development of complex scientific ideas within a historical context
We believe that students learn Science best when they:
  • are provided with various entry points to engage with scientific ideas
  • are active, reflective participants in the learning process
  • see connections and have the opportunity to apply understanding to authentic and engaging tasks
  • feel comfortable taking risks and experiencing the success and failures that science has to offer
  • use various approaches to solve problems
  • productively struggle with complex ideas, ask questions, and are given time to think and process
  • engage in a variety of collaborative and independent tasks



When developing our science curriculum, the standards are based on: NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards).

Grade Level Map

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