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Visual Arts & Media

Philosophy Statement

The Visual Arts and Media program gives each student the place to explore ideas, tools, and materials developing the skills necessary for communication and self-expression. They discover the joy of creating through persevering and problem solving.

As a Visual Arts and Media program, we value: 
  • The process of self-discovery and expression
  • Students as independent learners 
  • Creativity as a deliberate process
  • Communication of ideas 
  • Developing a fluency in the language of the Visual Arts and Media
  • Active engagement in artwork from varying time periods and cultures


We believe that students learn the Visual Arts and Media best when they: 
  • Develop an excitement and exhilaration in the creative learning process. 
  • Pursue personal interests.
  • Participate in exhibitions.
  • Recognize, analyze, or critique their own work or the work of others.



When developing our Visual Arts curriculum, standards are based on the National Arts Standards.

High School Course Guide

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