Nurture Elementary School

In our Elementary School, we care about students’ growth as learners and as individuals who contribute to their community. We believe that young people are naturally curious and we recognize each student as a unique individual with the potential to achieve. As a school, ISB is committed to challenging and joyful learning with the freedom to explore. Our Elementary students are empowered to solve problems, question the world around them, and develop and test hypotheses in a collaborative, supportive environment.

Early Year 3 (EY3), Early Years 4 (EY4), Kindergarten, Grade 1, and Grade 2 focus on mastering basic learning skills either through the ISB monolingual program or the ISB dual language program. This is a time for young learners to explore ideas, solve problems, and build trusting relationships with peers and teachers. As our students learn through inquiry-based activities and structured play, ISB’s learning spaces have abundant resources to develop specific skills, spark curiosity, and prompt interactions.

From EY2 to Grade 5, we recognize that each student has an individual learning style and that students make progress in different areas at different paces. We believe it is our task to align the learning experience with the needs of each student, and work closely with parents to support their child’s unique learning journey. Additionally, each student engages in Chinese language and culture learning, the arts, and physical education to round out their program.

1 : 1 iPad Program

4 hours of Chinese each week

1:8 student to teacher ratio

+26,960 books in the library

+40 field trips/experiential opportunities

14 languages provided for by the library

ISB values social-emotional learning, under which the same priority is given to our learners’ health and character as it is to their academic performance. Our students’ well-being is a cornerstone to their success and happiness. As they learn to work together, they grow to understand different perspectives and strengthen their social skills. We nurture children who develop independence and the ability to make positive, healthy choices as they begin to really find their place in the world. Importantly, we partner with parents to ensure that school is fun, motivating, and a place where every child can turn to a trusted adult for help and support. 

With our strong foundation in both academics and social awareness, we are confident that our Elementary students can forge ahead to the exploratory years of middle-level education. 


Our counselors address the academic and developmental needs of all students by collaborating with students, parents, and teachers. 

Our counselors offer a variety of parent workshops throughout the academic year and are available for parent consultations. We understand that moving to a new school, or new country, can be daunting. Our counselors provide support to students and their families through key transitions, including when a family first joins ISB and when it is time to consider leaving. 

Our Elementary School counselors provide a range of activities for both parents and students to help students learn important lessons about themselves and how their choices affect others. Elementary School students learn about Kelso's Choices in regular guidance lessons. This conflict resolution and character education program offers simple strategies students can use for dealing with situations they may find difficult. 

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Dual Language Program

The ISB dual language program serves families who choose to enroll their child in this optional program, which promotes high academic achievement by supporting second-language development and cross-cultural understanding. The program creates an additive dual language environment for students, whereby the first language is maintained and the second language is acquired.

The program supports our mission to provide an "academically rigorous, balanced, and engaging learning environment, enriched by being in China" where each student's unique potential is developed.

Established in August 2016, the dual language program is offered from EY 3 to grade 5. Students in the program are taught the ISB curriculum in English and Chinese based on an immersion model that promotes 50 percent of instruction in English and 50 percent of instruction in Chinese. Enrollment in the program is optional and a limited number of spaces are offered at each grade level.

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