High School Course Guide 2022-2023

Visual Arts and Media

What we do

The Visual Arts and Media program gives you the chance to experiment, explore, and expand your creativity. We focus on building self-expression, using the creative process, and reflecting on relationships within ourselves and with the wide world around us. In all our courses you participate in developing and editing ideas, finding inspiration, creating work that is true to your way of thinking, and responding to your work, and that of your peers. You will learn techniques in painting, ceramics, digital photography, cinematography, editing, sculpture, installation, sound design, illustration and more.

How we do it

The Visual Arts and Media program spans grades six through twelve. In the high school we align and the courses so that students coming up from grade eight will have an experience that builds upon their prior learning and preparing them for study in the IB Diploma programme. In the visual arts we use the National Core Art Standards: Creating, Connecting, Responding, and Presenting from grades six – ten. In the media classes the same standards, designed specifically for media, are used. In grades eleven and twelve, students have the option of pursuing either Diploma Film or Diploma Visual Arts. We use all traditional methods of creating as well as being on the forefront of employing technology in education and creation.