High School Course Guide 2023-2024

High School English

Department Philosophy Statement

The English department recognizes that all meaning and thought is constructed in language.  Through the deconstruction and production of language in literary and non-literary texts, students not only gain self-knowledge, but also participate in a community. Critical thinking is developed through reading, writing, listening, viewing and speaking in a variety of situations, for a variety of purposes.  The literate person comes to appreciate their place in the world by successfully understanding and communicating with others.  To this end, the High School English teachers continue in ISB’s commitment to the following school-wide long-term learning goals:

  • Students can comprehend and evaluate appropriately complex text types across modes and disciplines.
  • Students will communicate across multiple modes to address task, purpose, perspective, and intended audience.
  • Students will make personal meaning and seek understanding of perspectives and contexts through various forms of communication, as both an interpretive and as an expressive act.