High School Course Guide 2023-2024


At ISB, we value interdisciplinary learning. In interdisciplinary learning there are more opportunities for increased authenticity, student retention, streamlined instruction around common objectives, increased engagement, real world experiences and applications.

Our courses are integrated around the two core disciplines through methods like Project Based Learning, inquiry, and design thinking so that the courses are combined authentically. 

Our interdisciplinary courses are aligned to the ISB curriculum, students will develop common grade level skills and understandings. Additionally, for students registered in both grade 9 interdisciplinary courses, concepts could be useful for them to connect the courses.  The courses will place a priority on development of a social conscience, skills and global citizenship. It can also provide foundations for independent or school initiated service work. The courses include and emphasize Student Directed Learning. 

While every grade level designs interdisciplinary projects and opportunities for our students, in high school we offer courses that allow for more time to delve deeper in these subject areas and they provide authentic hands-on learning opportunities for students.