High School Course Guide 2023-2024

Student Support & EAL

English as an Additional Language (EAL)

The English as an Additional Language (EAL) program reflects the mission, vision, and core values of ISB by providing students the opportunity to learn language, learn about language, and learn through language. English Language Learners students will acquire content and academic language skills that they need in order to be successful, independent learners in the mainstream classroom.

As an EAL program we value: 

  • Additive bilingualism
  • Heterogeneous grouping

We believe that EAL students learn best when they: 

  • are exposed to high linguistic and academic expectations
  • have explicit language teaching

Guided Study and Learning Support (LS) 

Guided Study and Learning Support supports ISB’s mission, vision, and values by empowering students to reach their full potential and finding a passion or purpose that may not reside in the traditional academic areas. We work with students on skills needed to be successful in the classroom such as: Executive Functioning (organization, time management, etc.), reading fluency and comprehension, math fluency and comprehension, social skills, and many other areas. 

As an LS program we value:  

  • Diversity, including neuro-diversity 
  • Inclusion 
  • The individuality of all students and the value they bring to the classroom 

We believe students in GS learn best when they:  

  • Receive targeted, evidence-based, data-driven, support to improve areas of growth 
  • Are respected as individuals with the capacity to learn 
  • Through collaboration, parents, teachers, administration, and students can thrive