Middle School is a time for exploration and personal development as well as for the formation of healthy academic habits. Across all grades, ISB is committed to challenging and joyful learning with the freedom to explore. We believe in strengthening Middle School students as well-rounded members of the community who learn through collaborative study and service in a caring environment with enough flexibility for them to experiment and tailor their learning. ISB Middle School students pursue their interests and learn in a way that is relevant to them.

ISB values social-emotional learning, which gives priority to learners’ health and strength of character along with their academic performance. We focus on students’ overall well-being and want them to have a keen sense of responsibility for themselves and their community.

We are helping our students find their place in their world. Many of our core subjects are divided into theme-based units, which allows students to engage with elements that spark their imagination. In other subjects, students can evaluate their academic performance and choose a track that will challenge them at an appropriate level. With a high degree of project-based learning and integration across disciplines in the Middle School, our educators work together in small teams to monitor student progress and ensure academic differentiation in accordance with individual ability.

1 : 1 MacBook program

+3 hours of Chinese taught each week

1:8.5 student to teacher ratio

+100 enrichments offered

+65 field trips/experiential opportunities

1.3 hours of mentoring each week

In an environment built around fostering thinkers and leaders, every Middle School student will experience new activities and discover their passions. Each quarter, they can choose an interest to pursue or academic group to take part in during their Enrichment periods. All students in the Middle School have the opportunity to be part of a sports team or performing arts group during after-school activities. These emphasize inclusiveness and teamwork, and they provide the opportunity to explore learning experiences without the formality of an assessed curriculum.

We offer a number of leadership opportunities to students"..to provide students with the opportunity to explore learning experiences without the formality of an assessed curriculum..." through clubs and other activities, and our Student Council plays an active role in Middle School life, bringing the community together to raise funds for charitable organizations and host events.


Our Middle School students take part in activities, including trips off campus, that help them form strong relationships among their peer group. These learning experiences are designed for team building; they help students develop resilience and learn how to work well with one another. Our Mentoring classes provide an important setting for developing healthy relationships and a sense of identity. These strong relationships and high expectations set together help us ensure our learning is at its best.

photo of ISB middle school office staff september 2021

The mission and goal of the MS Counseling Department is to meet the developmental needs of adolescents with an array of appropriate counseling services. Our goals are to help students adjust to life in the Middle School, to facilitate the development of social strategies as well as problem-solving skills, and to help students become holistic learners within and outside of school.

Our counseling team works with students and their parents to ensure a smooth transition to Middle School and ongoing success. They work closely with all Middle School teachers to provide classroom guidance lessons which are embedded in the scheduled mentoring sessions throughout the school year.

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Middle School News
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ISB prioritizes strong relationships and clear communication between school and home. Through Seesaw and DX, parents can engage with their children’s learning 24/7. Here are tips and videos on how to get the most from these online platforms.

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Research shows the importance of student perceptions in evaluating good teaching. As part of the school’s strategic focus on ensuring challenging and joyful learning, ISB students have had their latest opportunity to give feedback on their teachers.

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