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Student Support services

ISB is committed to maintaining an inclusive school environment where diversity in student learning profiles enriches and strengthens our whole school community. Student Support Services at ISB are designed to promote academic, language, and social-emotional development. Student Support Services staff include counselors, English as an Additional Language (EAL) and learning support teachers at each school divisional. Speech and language pathologists (SLPs) and a school psychologist support all school divisions. ISB recognizes and respects the unique developmental and cultural diversity of our student body. Our partnership with parents and classroom teachers guides students through the developmental learning stages at each grade level, towards their unique social-emotional, linguistic, academic, and physical potential.

Each aspect of a student's educational and personal development progresses at an individual rate. Accordingly, some students may benefit from additional support at some point in their education career and are designed to assist in learning and achievement. A collaborative partnership between teachers, parents, and students offers the best opportunity to understand a student's educational and developmental needs and provide the most complete learning program.

ISB has invested in and developed an extensive network of support services to meet the needs of diverse learners. Our existing team of experts include: 

  • qualified and experienced learning support teachers 

  • EAL teachers

  • dedicated instructional assistants

  • a school psychologist

  • Speech Language Pathologists

  • counselors

  • A private occupational therapist who works with students on campus during the school day.

ISB enrolls students with diverse learning needs (mild, moderate, and intensive). Learning support provides targeted and specific intervention for students who qualify for support. Evidence-based interventions match student needs and support learning of and access to the grade-level content.

Students are identified through a comprehensive referral process that encourages and supports early interventions and problem solving. Where necessary, the curriculum is modified for students who require intensive learning support. Students may receive services for a short period of time, others for longer periods, and still others may remain in the highest level of learning support and receive services for the duration of their time at ISB. 

ISB offers a highly individualized curriculum for students identified as having an intellectual/cognitive disability such as global developmental delay, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down syndrome, Fragile X syndrome, cerebral palsy etc. Students who require long-term specialized support in multiple areas and an individualized curriculum will focus on functional academic skills, adaptive and daily living skills, social and pragmatic skills, community access, vocational skills, and skills to facilitate greater levels of independence. We emphasize social integration of students with intellectual disabilities in same-age classrooms and activities with the greatest degree of integration possible. 

To ensure balance and equity in our classrooms, we thoughtfully manage the number of enrolled students requiring support. The decision to admit a student with identified learning disabilities and educational needs is dependent on space available and the ability to provide necessary resources and teaching. All interested applicants should apply through the Admissions Office and provide all required documentation.

In alignment with our school's Mission, we believe that embracing each student's unique learning profile adds to the rich diversity of our school community and establishes a culture of mutual benefit and compassion where students learn from and care for one another. All of our students have the opportunity to flourish in an inclusive environment, graduating from ISB and going into the wider world with purpose and compassion.  

Frequently Asked Questions

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