Congratulations to class of 2019 on college acceptances!

Senior parade front of line

By Nick Yates, ISB Communications

Congratulations to our students who will graduate on Saturday, May 25! The International School of Beijing (ISB) is proud of its seniors, who have received offers from universities worldwide. While International Baccalaureate (IB) exam results are only due in July, college acceptance notifications have been flooding in for our students as they prepare for their next steps beyond ISB.

On Monday, they were able to bask a little in the glory of their success, as ISB's annual Seniors Parade gave the community a chance to celebrate graduating students' achievements before they sit their exams and leave the school. The event displayed a huge amount of pride in the students, who have had offers from a wide range of institutions.

Senior Parade low angle

ISB prides itself on ensuring its students find the college and course that is most appropriate for them based on their passions and talents. The wide scope of university offers and the subjects ISB graduates will be studying signals that our students are pursuing their passions at many of the world's finest educational institutions.

ISB Head of School Patrick Hurworth said, "Hallmarks of ISB include how experienced and well-resourced our counseling staff are. That allows all our counselors in the High School to really know every student with whom they work. That knowledge includes the way in which each student best learns, what their passions are, where they'd like to live, what initial ideas they have on their profession. With that, the counselor can help the student and the family develop a list of colleges that are academically, culturally, and geographically appropriate for them.

"The good news is that in such a knowledgeable and well-resourced department, with close relationships with the students and families, we're able to illustrate that there are thousands of colleges around the world that will provide an excellent tertiary education experience.

"Each year, I take great pride in congratulating the students as well as the counselors and teachers who get our students to the point where they choose the school that's right for them. Through my career in schools, observing the college application process, one aspect remains true. If you force-fit a student into a college that's not right for her or him, the negative effects can be stark. The more our counselors do, in conjunction with the families at the front end of the process, the better the outcome is likely to be. So congratulations to everybody. What an exciting time you have ahead of you!"

2019 college acceptances list

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