Flashback Friday: Spirit Week at ISB

By Angel Jin, ISB Communications

This article is part of a series highlighting ISB’s history of excellence. The school has been providing challenging and joyful learning since 1980. Flashback Friday profiles some of the traditions and memorable moments that ISB continues to build upon today.

As the International School of Beijing’s (ISB) Spirit Week comes to a close, let’s look back on some photos from this week and from Spirit Weeks gone by.

For the uninitiated, Spirit Weeks are a community-building initiative common in North American schools. ISB’s Elementary, Middle, and High Schools used to celebrate Spirit Week separately, with different themes for each division. Beginning last year though, Spirit Week became schoolwide.

Schoolwide Spirit Week embodies our efforts for cross-divisional collaboration and community building while still maintaining iconic traditions. This was especially evident on Matchy-Matchy Day, as we had entire classrooms and teams dressing up to match. Schoolwide Spirit Week also encourages participation year to year, as Middle School (MS) students can see how High School (HS) students are still so involved. As the HS Student Council puts it: “Spirit Week is a week of fun activities and dressing up to promote schoolwide Dragon Spirit, for all Elementary, Middle, and High School students.”

Spirit Week included many fun ways for students, faculty, and staff to get involved. Besides dress-up themes for each day, like Yester-Day and Pajama Day, the MS and HS Student Councils also organized activities for each day, where students could earn “spirit points” for their class. Activities such as High Jump Challenge, Hit the Pinata, Stack the Apple, and Cookie Decorating.

These activities and themes were planned by HS students, with feedback from MS. It encouraged High School student leaders to work together with MS and to also think more globally, like what themes would be appropriate and which would have more students engaging with them. By incorporating inclusive themes like Activities Day and Color Day, all students, faculty, and staff could actively participate. This inclusivity not only ensures everyone feels involved but also celebrates the diverse interests and talents within the community.

Spirit Week is more than just a week of fun activities. It has been a great way for everyone to come together, have fun, and celebrate their unique identities as part of a larger, inclusive whole. Through themed dress-up days, games, and various activities, students not only showcased their creativity but also strengthened their sense of belonging and pride in their school. Events like Spirit Week play a vital role in shaping ISB’s culture, fostering a positive environment, and promoting Dragon Spirit among students, teachers, and the wider school community.

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