ISB Alumni Digest shows once a Dragon, always a Dragon
A group of ISB alumni pose at a reunion event

By Nick Yates, ISB Communications

The brand-new Alumni Digest from the International School of Beijing (ISB) is a ripping read for former students of the school and it’s a vivid demonstration that the strong relationships in the ISB community don’t stop with graduation.

The first edition of this new-look newsletter reports on everything that’s been happening as ISB goes about creating the greatest alumni network in Asia. That’s the bold aim under the school’s Strategic Plan, which formally prioritizes strong, lifelong peer relationships across national, linguistic, and cultural lines in the inclusive ISB community.

With ISB established more than 40 years ago, the school’s alumni network is large and vibrant. Nearly 9,000 former students, parents, and faculty members have created profiles on the network’s website, Wherever they are in the world, members benefit professionally and socially, and alumni give back to their alma mater by offering mentoring, career, and internship opportunities to current students.

Here are some recent ISB alumni highlights. Read more in the Digest!

New Alumni Relations Manager

Who better to manage ISB’s alumni efforts than an ISB graduate? Pu Chun Zhu, Class of 2010, has been working since late last academic year to strengthen ISB alumni connections to each other and the school.

Pu Chun, who likes to be known as Niu Niu, is well aware how important her role is to ISB’s strategic focus areas, most importantly peer relationships. “I grew up in this inspirational community with peers from all over the world and it feels good to be back on board again,” she said.

Niu Niu has already worked on a number of major initiatives, not least:

  • The inaugural Alumni Achievement Award.
  • Reunions across the globe.
  • Resources such as transition support videos created by alumni for the most recent graduates.
  • An active job board and ISB Alumni LinkedIn page.
  • Seeking out many lost and inactive alumni.

Alumni Ambassadors

Calling all social butterflies, keen organizers, and born networkers who attended ISB. ISB is seeking Alumni Ambassadors in the 12 places identified as the most populated by alumni. Donate your time and make an impact.

A chart showing the 12 cities most populated by ISB alumni

For 2022-2023, the Ambassadors can support their peers through the next steps of their lives and careers. Volunteering can also help them build their own skills, meet new people, and connect internationally to the huge network of motivated alumni.

The Alumni Advisory Council

The Alumni Advisory Council (AAC) is a volunteer group of alumni representatives serving as a liaison with the school. It was initiated to maintain positive communication between the school and alumni community, to connect alumni, and give them an opportunity to contribute to their alma mater. The AAC promotes and enhances alumni-to-alumni relationships through meaningful engagement.

The representatives have devoted hours to meetings and are involved in the planning and execution of many activities.

The current AAC terms end in June 2023 and ISB is asking alumni in China and overseas to serve on the new Alumni Advisory Council or to nominate members.

Alumni Achievement Award

Matthew Lin from ISB’s Class of 2007 won the first ISB Alumni Achievement Award. The Alumni Association launched this initiative at the start of the 2021-2022 academic year to foster a spirit of pride and loyalty, celebrate former students’ achievements and services, and encourage engagement in ISB’s Mission.

ISB gives the award to those who have demonstrated thinking and leadership in their chosen field of endeavor. The recipients’ accomplishments and contributions shall have embodied the high expectations and values of ISB and positively impacted society.

Matthew is forging a promising career in children’s medicine. Other finalists in the 2021-2022 Alumni Achievement Award included author Anna Ko, Class of 2011; Olympic swimmer Camille Cheng, also Class of 2011; filmmaker Lawrence Chen, Class of 2005; and Princeton University computer science Ph.D. candidate Ethan Tseng, Class of 2014.

A group of ISB alumni at a reunion event

ISB invited alumni to celebrate Matthew’s achievements at an event in New York last summer.

And now the school is looking for other stellar alumni to honor in the second Alumni Achievement Award. Alumni who want to submit nominations to be considered, please complete this form by the last day of February.

All at ISB know and love the blue-snouted, fire-breathing mascot for which the school’s students are known. And as alumni connections show, once a Dragon, always a Dragon!


Peer relationships including among alumni is one of three main focus areas for ISB under its new Strategic Plan. ISB news articles in 2022-2023 are all looking at an aspect of ISB that’s an example of one of the three areas. To find out more, click here.

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