ISB's Middle School May Trips are finally back!

By Angel Jin, ISB Communications

They say that travel is the best education, that is why the International School of Beijing (ISB) prioritizes providing students with opportunities to learn outside of the classroom.

Our Middle School (MS)’s annual May Trips are a perfect example of the challenging and joyful learning we strive for students to experience. This year, MS’ Grade 6, 7 and 8 classes went on overnight trips to Shimen Mountain, Xiangshui Lake and Gubei Water Town, respectively.

These trips were a great way for our MS students to practice independence and also learn more about Chinese culture. Some cultural activities included a hike up the Great Wall, a local food tour and workshops on Chinese medicine, lantern making, kite painting, basket weaving, and shadow puppets. The trips also featured camping, which allowed students to develop important survival and life skills, such as how to build a fire and shelter, water filtration and cooking.

At ISB, we value experiential and service-oriented learning and hope our students are empowered with purpose and compassion, that is why on MS’ May Trips, students also participated in eco clean ups, and of course making sure no trace was left at the places visited. The students also engaged in community service, including local farming and wall refurbishment. It was a great way to interact with the local community and appreciate nature.

MS’ May Trips are a valued tradition within the ISB community, something that students look forward to every year, as it’s a great way for students to strengthen their relationships with their peers. Students had so much fun participating in physical activities like kayaking and working together on activities like raft building and the interactive scavenger hunt.

Please enjoy these fun photos from MS’ May Trips, where no doubt new experiences were had and lasting memories were made.


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